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Secret Disk Pro Crack For Windows 10 Download

Secret Disk Pro Activation Key

Secret Disk Pro Activation Key is a software program used to create and manage hidden virtual disks or partitions on your computer. The primary purpose of this piece of software is to improve the confidentiality and safety of sensitive information by separating them from the primary storage device for the operating system. The Secret Disk Pro safeguarding of sensitive or confidential information is likely to be an exceedingly essential use for it.

This is a helpful program, Secret Disk Pro Serial Key does not hide anything, which means that other people who use it may get aware that there is anything to search for! You are permitted to save whatever you desire in this area so long as there is sufficient free space on your hard disk to accommodate the data. After you have finished using the folder and then closed and locked it, it will no longer be visible on the desktop of your Windows computer.

What Is hidden Secret Disk?

Secret Disk Pro Product Key can add an unseen disk to your computer that you can quickly lock with a password. This Secret Disk Pro lets you keep your private files and folders safe and out of sight from people who don’t need to see them. There’s no need to reset your hard drive or change the boot area. These secret disks can be used to store sensitive or private files away from your main system drive. They are protected by a password.

The Secret Disk Pro Torrent automatically creates a fresh disk. This disc and its contents may be encrypted to prevent unauthorized access and made invisible. A CD can store almost any kind of data. The Secret Disk Pro may be used with other software, just like any other hard drive. The Secret Disk Pro may be utilized in tandem with any other applications on the computer. There’s no need to alter the boot sector or perform a format on the hard drive, either.

Your Secret Disk Pro License Key will be hidden and locked if the power goes out or if you make a catastrophic error in Windows. Since the information is in RAM, this occurs automatically. Instead than encrypting your data (you may still use the password), Secret Disk Full just prevents access to them. The program creates a virtual disc and associates your data with it. You can be certain that no one else will be able to access your data with this level of protection.

How do I find hidden Disk Space in Windows 10?

Launch File Explorer by clicking its icon on the taskbar. Choose View > Options > Change folder and search options from the drop-down menu. Click the View tab, then click the Show hidden files, folders, and drives check box under the Advanced options, and then click OK. You will find an option in the program’s Secret Disk Pro settings that provides you with the decision to be notified by hidden Disk if there is an unsuccessful attempt to access the hidden disk.

In a matter of seconds, with the Secret Disk Pro Patch program, you may create a second disc on your computer that is concealed and secured by a password. You may hide and password-protect your files and folders. No formatting or altering of the boot sector of the hard disk is required. In a short amount of time, our program will generate a fresh disc on its own. You may hide this disc’s contents and safeguard them with a password if you choose.

Disc letters may be assigned to several hidden drives. The secret disc will lock and become invisible if the power goes off or if Windows encounters a catastrophic error. The data is already in virtual memory, therefore retrieval is instantaneous. Even though the protected disc doesn’t encrypt data, Secret Disk Pro Activator makes it more difficult for unauthorized parties to access your data. The program creates a virtual disc and associates your data with it.

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Secret Disk Pro

Key Features of Secret Disk Pro:

  • Hidden Disk Creation: With Secret Disk Pro, you can make one or more virtual disks that are hidden from view on your computer. You can’t see these disks in Windows Explorer or other file management tools unless you use the Secret Disk Pro program to view them.
  • Password Protection: Each secret virtual disk has a password to make sure that only people who are allowed to can see what’s on it.
  • Hidden Disk Management: You can easily handle and organize files and groups on hidden virtual disks, just like you would on any other drive or partition.
  • Automatic Locking: Secret Disk Pro often gives you the option to lock or hide virtual files automatically when your computer is not being used or when the system starts up. This makes the system even safer.
  • Quick Access: Most software lets you get to your secret files quickly and easily through an interface that is easy to use. You can easily attach and unmount secret files.
  • Hotkeys: Some versions of Secret Disk Pro let you set up hotkeys to quickly open or stop the secret files without going through the application interface.
  • Self-Destruction in Case of Emergency: Some software may have a function that lets it destroy itself in case of emergency. If someone enters the wrong password a certain number of times when trying to access your secret disk, the disk’s data can be safely erased.
  • tips: You can set up the software to send you tips or messages when someone tries to access your secret disks without your permission.

What’s New?

  • The information has migrated down, no longer bothering you.
  • The Home Button is now closer to the Home screen.
  • All small difficulties are gone.
  • The reminder window used to appear always.

System Requirements:

  • Works with Windows 10, 8.1, and 7.
  • RAM: 2 GB (4 GB recommended).
  • Free disk space: 200 MB+.

How To Download?

  • IObit Uninstaller should delete the old version.
  • Disable your antivirus application.
  • Install rather than execute the software (If running, quit).
  • Put the patch in the install directory.
  • Enjoy


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