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IVT BlueSoleil 10.0.498.0 Serial Number With Activation Code (2023)

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What is IVT BlueSoleil Serial Number?

IVT BlueSoleil Serial Number

IVT BlueSoleil Serial Number is Bluetooth software that allows you to connect Bluetooth devices to your computer, including smartphones, tablet, speakers, etc.   After going through these procedures, you can begin connecting the Bluetooth devices: This is a terrific method for getting rid of the clutter on your desktop produced by unsightly wires. Newcomers won’t have any trouble getting the hang of this. It is anticipated that there will be no issues with the software. The program may be used in several languages and is simple to operate. There is a version that is free to use. Your capacity for file transmission has been capped at 2 megabytes.

Regarding transferring data over Bluetooth, IVT BlueSoleil performs an outstanding job. Because of the software, a computer can now connect to various wireless peripherals, such as headphones, keyboards, and other devices. It is strongly advised that you use an active version of the application to make the most of all of its possibilities. The app has an elegantly crafted user interface (or UX for short). The process of working with the utilities is quite enjoyable. Activating the IVT BlueSoleil Serial Number is something that must be done. As a direct consequence, the computer has to be rebooted after the program has been installed.

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Is IVT BlueSoleil mainly used For?

BlueSoleil is a professional Bluetooth program for Windows that supports Bluetooth 4.0, is compatible with Windows 8/8.1/10, and has enhanced performance compared to earlier tool versions. IVT BlueSoleil Serial Number is known as BlueSoleil. IVT is responsible for creating one of the most well-known and widely used professional Bluetooth programs, BlueSoleil. BlueSoleil is based on the Windows operating system. You can quickly enter lengthy messages directly from the app’s communications interface. Wireless data transmission allows you to transmit files, photographs, music, movies, and other kinds of data.

You may brag to your loved ones and close friends about how helpful and straightforward this tool is by passing it on. The program’s primary purpose is to simplify the process of establishing wireless connections between your computer and other devices equipped with Bluetooth. In addition, drivers for various Bluetooth devices have been bundled together in one package for your convenience. As a direct result, the software that runs Bluetooth devices is quite cutting-edge and self-contained. Integrating devices that support Bluetooth, such as mobile phones, headsets, keyboards, printers, and mice, is adequate.

Can IVT BlueSoleil provide a wide variety of Other Devices?

The IVT BlueSoleil Serial Number application can meet the requirements for integrating a wide variety of Bluetooth-enabled digital devices, including mobile phones, headsets, printers, keyboards, etc. Examples of these devices include mobile phones and printers. Additionally, you can set up networks and trade data with other Bluetooth-enabled laptops. Have you not become weary of untangling wires? A whole new wireless Bluetooth experience is now available, courtesy of BlueSoleil. You may use the program to wirelessly back up your contacts and view, manage, and edit the connections that are stored on your mobile phone from the computer.

Additional Bluetooth-enabled devices are welcome to join in on the fun. IVT BlueSoleil Serial Number is a full-featured application developed to offer you access to the Bluetooth devices you have at home but often do not use since you cannot link them to your personal computer. It will take no longer than five seconds to connect any device, regardless of whether it is a mobile phone, PDA, headset, digital camera, or any other device. Thanks to this application, you can detect and connect any Bluetooth device near your computer. Of course, you will need a Bluetooth adapter plugged into your PC for this to work.

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What are the Key Features of IVT BlueSoleil?

  • Keys that can be utilized in dual-mode or single-mode are supported.
  • The IVT BlueSoleil Serial Number audio quality of A2DP and SCO has been improved.
  • PBAP Profiles that are supported.
  • The performance of many profiles has been improved.
  • Transfer/restore your contacts by connecting your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone to a PC.
  • IVT BlueSoleil Serial Number views the contacts on a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, using a PC.
  • Contacts can be downloaded, edited, or deleted.
  • During this time, you can communicate with other users using Blue Soleil.
  • Messages can be seen, saved, and deleted on Bluetooth-enabled phones.
  • Mobile phones running Symbian S40/S60, Windows Mobile, MTK, and PBAP are all supported.
  • All Bluetooth-enabled cellphones run Symbian S60 as their operating system. Consult the handbook for further details.
  • Almost all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, and other manufacturers.
  • All Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones run Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6.0 as their operating system.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 should not be interfered with (Profiles such as Find Me, Proximity, Heart Rate, HID OVER GATT).


IVT BlueSoleil Crack

  • You can transfer data from one device to another even if you don’t have access to the internet.
  • You may use BlueSoleil to make Skype calls to your contacts.
  • Using a Bluetooth printer, you can print a file without a wire.

What’s New?

  • Dual-mode key support
  • Improved A2DP and SCO audio quality
  • Enhanced performance of multi-profiles
  • Be compatible with Windows 8/8.1 Windows 10


How does an IVT BlueSoleil Serial Number Bluetooth sensor work?

When Bluetooth-enabled devices are close to each other, they automatically detect each other. Bluetooth uses 79 different radio frequencies in a small band of around 2.4 GHz. This band is used by Wi-Fi too, but Bluetooth uses so little power that interference with Wi-Fi communication is negligible.

Can hackers hack Bluetooth?

You can share files, play media, and more with a wireless connection. But just like with unsecured Wi-Fi networks, hackers can target your Bluetooth-enabled devices to steal personal data, install malware or spam you with messages.

Can you tell if your phone is hacked?

Poor performance: If your phone shows sluggish performance like crashing apps, freezing of the screen, and unexpected restarts, it is a sign of a hacked device. Unrecognized apps: If you notice any unknown applications downloaded on your device, it could be the work of a hacker.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7/8/10/VISTA/XP.
  • RAM 128 MB.
  • Hard disk memory 264 MB.
  • Processor 600 MHz.

How to Install?

You will need a valid license key to activate IVT BlueSoleil Serial Number l. Here is the activation process:

  • Launch IVT BlueSoleil Serial Number on your computer.
  • Click on the “Help” menu and select “Activate.”
  • A dialog box will appear. Enter your license key into the appropriate field.
  • Click the “Activate” button.
  • If the license key is valid, BlueSoleil will be activated.

Note: If you encounter any issues during the activation process, such as an error message, you can contact the support team of IVT BlueSoleil Serial Number for assistance.

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